Are you really thinking LARGE?

The L.A.R.G.E. Approach

Road to Success

At times we believe that we are thinking or dreaming at large. Our minds tend to make us want and desire the wrong things. However, we continue towards that direction because it might feel right. Well, enough with the philosophical talk…

You might believe the larger picture is:

  • Getting your business more exposure
  • Increasing our advertising spend – In the wrong platforms or wrong people
  • Growing our followers to more than 1,000 on Facebook
  • Getting more leads
  • The phone blowing up so much you think you need to hire another admin assistant
  • Growing your profits
  • Buying that new property to expand operations
  • What else did we miss?

Well, it’s very clear that we want to support you with all these, but we go deeper.

We intentionally and consciously dig into what you are doing right, wrong, or not doing at all.

A great CEO that I considered a good mentor, once taught me the “Start-Keep-Stop” method, which made me realize we sometime run pretty convinced in the wrong direction. Throughout time, I developed what I call our “L.A.R.G.E. Approach”. Why do we keep seeing this word if it’s not intended for what I thought?

When we discover what we should keep doing because it renders good results that are scalable, we re-discover virtues we did not notice before, when we had an extreme broad definition of ‘large’. We coach you and your team to Leverage the abilities, talents, and mindsets of each given action we choose to conveniently keep. An example of this can be, your content creator publishes 3 photos per day with clear copywriting, while assisting in other operations. I know what you’re thinking already – I might make you stop delegating these other tasks to your content creator; however, I won’t focus on that.

If you analyze the depth in this example, you might notice that there is a valuable ability that could be leveraged. If this person can edit and publish 3 photos per day on peak times, while performing other tasks, we might be able to take away and delegate the support s/he’s giving to another department and take advantage of this speedy talent. We might increase engagement now posting 6 times per day, which will create equity on your brand, and lead to higher conversion rates after 3-6 months of consistency. Yes, these are the talents, abilities, and mindsets that we Leverage.

We claim to know what we want, but don’t always know what to do or how to get there.

This not only requires consistency and dedication. It all starts within, with consciousness and intention.

This is called Awareness. We first must be aware of what our business and brand represent. Marketing legend Seth Godin once said in a podcast “if Nike opened a hotel everybody would know what it would be like because they have a distinct brand. On the other hand, he continues, if Hyatt or some other big hotel chains came out with sneakers, we would have no clue what they would be like because they don’t have brands.”

For us, there is no small brand. There are small, medium businesses, and large enterprises. You just read an example of a hotel chain with no brand… Just a logo.

You can be a small bakery shop, or a local barber, and yet, you can fully develop your brand to be perceived as an experience. You can decide what you want your customer to feel as they engage with you, what your content will communicate as followers scroll through their feeds and find your ads. You have the ability, as a brand, to connect with your customers, readers, listeners, followers, and anyone that interacts with your brand.

If you are entirely aware of who you are as a brand, you will be perceived as such. Knowing this about your business will help you develop the right culture for your #1 clients- your employees.

As a connected and satisfied team member of your workforce, your employee will relay the brand principles as they provide service and support to current and potential customers. This energy they feed from you, then is communicated with customers’ friends and families across the board. This is even more then pure awareness. This is conscious marketing.

Use your brand awareness and leverage all the talent and skillset you employ to your brand, as a Retention machine. This is the third aspect of the LARGE approach. Retention starts at home. Sometimes it’s the little things, each day, with each interaction, and every action taken in life. It’s just like marriage. You feel the commitment to make your significant other feel amazing, loved, and understood every day. You try to be an active listener when they are going through a tough time. You want to be the shoulder they lean on when they need support. Be exactly that for your customers. Be there for your followers. Engage, reply, and interact as much as you can with everyone that reaches out. Whether it is on Google My Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tiktok, your business email or texting platform, remember this formula R = R.

When you respond, you retain. When you resolve, you retain. When you repeat consistently, you retain. When you cause relief, you retain. When you rectify, you retain. There are thousands of verbs with “R” that will result in steady or solid retention rates. However, we see value for you, knowing that when you retain, you Rest and Relax. That right there is worth all the R’s.

When executed with precision, the first three aspects of this approach will lead to all dimensions of Growth. You will feel personal and professional growth. Your employees will grow, your business will start growing, your metrics will grow along with your revenue, and you will feel overwhelmed in the best way. But we need to handle and manage that growth so it doesn’t burn you out and you can leverage this sudden increase.

Growth sometimes means expansion and we all know that may lead to recruiting. We coach you to take advantage of your growth and post the positions you need to manage the positive chaos on social media. Saturate the market with your positions. At this point we are already rinsing and repeating the initial stages of this approach. You are leveraging your social channels and talents to effectively delegate recruiting, with the care, awareness, and attention you continue to lead the macro aspects of business, so the brand doesn’t suffer damage from loss of trust or loyalty. All these pieces so far will integrate, creating intentional retention.

You now are looking at this from a higher perspective.

When we decide to evolve, the transformation resonates with most people around you, that will include our team members. Evolution is key not only in our personal lives, but in business as we continue to see our competitors think outside the box and use every platform available to them.

To live at large is to constantly evolve. Your process can begin with improved business operations, a new marketing tactic, evolving from lots of photo to a few videos per week on Facebook, and so on. But it is so important to comprehend that evolution does not start until we are putting in the work our business, brand, and team needs. As leaders and creators, we are the ones that need to set the path by leveraging every talent and resource available to us, being entirely aware of our purpose and our brand from a holistic perspective, retaining your standing through relationships, reviews, excellent service, and accomplishments. If we can consistently retain, we will see the growth repeat business will serve us. These are phases, that when contemplated from an organic perspective will push the evolution of your company right before your eyes. Always remember to think, see, and believe L.A.R.G.E.

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