Your Small Businesses: The Pulse Of Your Community

We solely believe that small businesses should take pride and appreciate who they are and what they stand for. “Small, local businesses are the very heartbeat of communities”.

I attributes this warm thought to my latin roots working as a teenager in small corporation in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, where community attention was truly an asset. Relationships with clients were not just transactional, but ‘human’ as teams were trained to truly care for each client and team building was not mechanical, but transpersonal. Work was more of an experience than just ‘a job’. And leadership was more than just leadership. To this date, the president is still my life mentor, and I love her as a mother.

This is why Amaro Solutions encourages small business owners to invest time and effort in content creation with the purpose of humanize their brands and inspiring followers by telling their story.

You can have a thoughtful and intentional plan, where your brand communicates to its community and audience in a clear and effective way. Any marketer will tell you this is essentially great. But storytelling on a daily or even weekly basis makes your brand human. It can showcase your team as uplifting, optimistic, professional, educated, but be careful you do not send the wrong message to followers. This can lead to consideration decrease and not quite the reputation your are seeking to have. Keep in mind that The brand comes before the buy.

This is why we coach businesses seeking effective marketing strategies and solutions. It render better results.

What type of businesses does Amaro Solutions support?

Every business owner dreams about having a recognized brand at some point and eventually scaling their business. Our typical client actually starts with a small group of social followers, typically friends and family, and barely any content on social media and barely have a landing page.

Small local businesses usually dwell on all these great and effective channels, but don’t know which one to leverage first. That’s because there might not be clarity on your brand’s voice. This is an indicator your business needs support to amplify that voice.

Since I am now a Bristol resident, every other Wednesday evening we host a free virtual meetup called “Bristol Digital Boost”, meant for small business owners. But everyone is welcomed from all over the country and Latin America. The intention is to provide some essential value in a 1-hour conversation or perhaps a Q&A session where we can answer at least a few questions.

What commonalities do we typically find with our clients?

This navigation process always ends up in one of the following:

  • Repetitively choosing the wrong channels or simply not knowing where their audience is
  • Wasting time listening to many ‘gurus’ that are emotionally attached to only a specific model (perhaps not the right one for that specific business)
  • Waiting on the right time, to post the right content, on the right channel
  • Some don’t have a presence because aside lacking content, there is no landing page or website to support their brand’s presence

But none of the mentioned above actually represent the apocalypse of your business. It’s just a learning and adaptation process.

One thing we always share is our passion for reverse-engineering human behavior, then diving into your target audience and navigating your market. This mostly brightens the path for business owners to comprehend that mobile devices have become the new “mainstream”. It’s just a fact. 

Society lives in their smartphones and rely on it, even to go to the restroom. Your brand might have better conversion with email, or it might be more visual and can gain traction on Instagram. Perhaps there’s also a channel you have not experimented where your brand could also have high organic reach. Not knowing is the most common situation.

Is mobile really the new “mainstream”?

It has been for a while. This is because many content creators or “influencers” have leveraged the advantage of heavy internet usage and the impact of social platforms accessible to everyone, everywhere, everyday. 

This message is a wake up call for every business. This digital era means no more paying for prime time TV commercials or expensive radio ads like the old days of advertising.

And let’s add to that, no more procrastinating on deciding where you should focus your marketing. Data provides the knowledge whether your key audience is an active podcast lister, a LinkedIn or TikTok user, or in that age group that still reads traditional mail when they get something appealing or inviting. 

No matter if you are a B2C or B2B business, you will always provide value to humans. Make sure your brand is effectively communicating as humanly as possible on the right channels and you will build enough equity on your brand that will result in solid engagement with your audience.

And always remember these words: “The brand comes before the buy”.

Julio Amaro, Founder | Let’s Connect! Find me on LinkedIn or just book a call in my calendar

Recruiting on Social Media

What You Should Know

Inc. Magazine tells us 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search, from which 86% of younger job seekers within the first 10 years of their career. Here we can find graduates and other professionals that feel strongly about improving their career and consider they deserve better.

45% of job seekers use their mobile devices at least once a day. Therefore, Facebook Jobs is a direct competitor to Indeed. In addition, there’s the fact that LinkedIn provides a wide array of entry-level and high-end corporate jobs as well. Social media’s role in recruiting has gone from just an idea to becoming a fast-emerging force in the job search ecosystem. Although many companies might not necessarily step in this creative zone, due to their industry, lack of confidence, or discomfort, they are missing out on true active reach to prospects in other social circles within their service areas.  While some may not dare to embrace these platforms already at the palm of their hands, emerging platforms like TikTok will not stop innovating in the digital landscape.

The popular social media platform launched an initiative called #TikTokResumes, a new Video Resume program designed to support TikTok’s community and stand out in the hiring process. One of the first jobs seen here is the Creative Innovation intern position for the Detroit Pistons. As more companies build their presence here, the demographics continue to grow. The Amaro team encourages creative recruiting on social media platforms.

Why Social Media for Recruiting

When any business publishes new job postings, they recur to promoting positions on job boards like Indeed and ZipRecruiter, among others, which is not a bad thing. That’s where supposedly all the job seekers are. However, there’s a 2.1 billion user platform overflowing with active and passive talent, open to the right opportunities. Today, Facebook is a prime marketing channel. Despite being saturated, everyone continues to be active on it. Recruiting on this platform isn’t that different from marketing – you need to place your job ad in the eyes of the right people at the right time. Reach always equals attention, and attention is always leveraged with the proper creatives.


Candidate Sourcing Costs

You can post a job multiple times for free and sponsor one job posting to reach people in surrounding towns with a $250 budget for 10 days- which I’ll explain later. You might have an average cost per click of $1-2, but what you don’t pay for is the current people that like your page or your followers that could help sharing the job post to their circles. This creates an echo to your job post, as friends share with other friends and family, which is the expected behavior of job board users. Nobody that doesn’t need a job or is even open to another opportunity will bother to log into a platform like Indeed or CareerBuilder just to scroll through. Remember, people live on social media. That’s what it was engineered for. As people continue scrolling, your job can appear in front of the right pair of eyes.


First, your business should create enough job posts to saturate your service areas and surrounding counties with the opportunity. I would also replicate this Job Posting on LinkedIn, where every company page gets one free posting, which can be sponsored. Although we are talking about social media recruiting, I still (somewhat) believe in job boards. If there isn’t an existing account, creating an employer account is recommended to repost the same jobs that are live on Facebook, on Indeed- for free. Do not allocate any budget since you get a fair number of free jobs you can post in the rare event where a job seeker wants to confirm the authenticity of your opportunity.

At Amaro Solutions, we like seeing organic posts simmer for about a full week as a rule of thumb (depending on urgency). Then, it all comes down to the engagement. If the number of applicants does not satisfy the business’ necessity, an evaluation takes place to set a budget for a specific period.

Simultaneous to these efforts in place, it is highly suggested to get positive reviews on Facebook, for reputation purposes. They can be imported from a business website or any other third-party review tool.

Our “250/10” Strategy

It is no secret that adding a budget to your job ad will make your post surpass organic reach, therefore gain more attention.

Sponsoring the job post on Facebook with an estimated budget of $250 for 10 days, which is our proven formula for most entry-level, industry-specific jobs.

Your Job Traits

Before copying and pasting your job description and slapping it on your post, you must list at least TOP 5 Selling Points that are relevant with your local job seeker and differentiators within your competitors. This will lead the applicants to read on more with interest.

Examples of these differentiators can your selection of the following:

  • Paid Continuous Training – We pay you to continue learning
  • Weekends Off
  • Company Outings & Family Environment
  • Company Vehicle
  • High-Tech Equipment
  • PTO
  • Company Swag
  • Comprehensive Benefits Package (Health, Dental, & Vision)
  • Matching Retirement Package
  • Competitive or Performance Bonuses
  • Company Provided Uniforms
  • Among any others that may be relevant to your ideal candidate.

The Business Brag

You are absolutely allowed to ‘brag’ about your company and let candidates know about your years of experience as a company, the culture in the workspace, and workmanship between fellow team members. Passive candidates are those who may see an amazing opportunity and are willing to take the leap, just because they follow your brand and look up to it.

This often happens when you market your brand from a very holistic and human perspective, being aware that you are marketing to real humans, not numbers. If you are cognizant about this, you are definitely cognizant of your #1 client – your employees.

Teasing Call-To-Action

Since you already have the candidate’s attention, dare them to apply and create a sense of urgency.

“Join a Winning Team of professionals seeking your expertise”

“Apply Today. Interview Tomorrow.”

“If you believe you’re the addition we’ve been looking for, click apply right now”

“Our team could use your expertise immediately. Just Apply”

“Success waits for you as soon as you hit apply”

Our team at Amaro Solutions is always happy to provide more value to make the best of your recruiting efforts. Request a quick consultation call today or call (860) 990-2180.

Understand the Present

We often get used to the way the world “was”, instead of what life is right now and what is actually working for other businesses.

I hear way too often that social media content doesn’t make the phone ring, Facebook doesn’t generate leads, that leads con’t convert, TikTok is not for business, traditional advertising on the radio, some Google ads and good old SEO on your website, with proper back-linking is the proper way to grow your business online.

For some people, the narrative is that they won’t waste time or energy creating any content, let alone spend a dime on social media ads. This sounds to me just like that that noise back in 2011 when nobody wanted to be on Facebook because it was meant for college kids. Today, everyone and their grandmother (including mine) is on Facebook.

So, it’s not a matter of who is on social platforms now. It’s a matter of who gets there and steals attention first. Along with that, we cannot allow ourselves to feel comfortable with this type of tunnel vision.

Why Social if I don’t want to be a huge company?

Being on social is not a catalyst to be a national or global company, although your brand has more probability of gaining awareness all over the globe. Social media, aside being a very tactical and psychological, it is also a community-based platform where you can actively listen to others seeking value you can provide but haven’t decided to do so yet.

You can be a plumber who could provide tons of value to consumers like single working mothers that may have a million questions when they hear something off as they flush their toilet. Your content could be the answer to a simple solution where it’s not even worth having a plumber come out to check.

Now, this is the part where everyone that ends up ranking below their competitor tells me they won’t give away their treasured secrets, to end up without a job and that is NOT what I’m saying. Although, if your direct competitor is on social, they will be more likely to steal your customers’ attention anyway.

A baker will not lose business by providing value to other bakers, or by making a video targeted towards nannies on how to best make homemade cupcakes. It’s not like you will give all your secrets. That’s not what ‘value’ stands for. It’s documenting your journey, your process, your passion. When you genuinely provide value at scale, trust that you are creating traction in your community, hence many of your existing and new followers, and perhaps even some of your leads will be likely to convert and try a dozen of your cupcakes to see for themselves “why” they are so special and have everyone following you on Insta. Yes! Your content can do that or let me rephrase that; YOU are capable of achieving this.

Your content can make the difference, while gaining consumers’ trust. Therefore, you could engage followers enough to have them contact you when there is a major issue that needs to be addressed, assessed, or catered by you.

Start outgrowing your box

In these times where the internet is already evolved so many times, each time amplifying its power and capabilities of omnipresence for brands, you should be taking advantage of so many people that only stare at their phone and scroll.

These platforms have the same effect a slot machine has at a casino and the addicted gamblers are your community. Give them content! Provide fun, cultural, informative, engaging, educative content each day, giving them that valuable push to just follow your brand.

Be first, not last

It drives me amazingly insane to hear both extremes. I have had clients that tell me, and I quote; “I want to start posting content and videos on Instagram and TikTok, because my competition is there. I want to be first, not last”. I’ve heard these words and not only from eCommerce sites. HVAC companies have asked my team how to start because they have no idea on what content to post. They just know they have to start.

Start now and stop waiting to see if your competition is successful or not on social. You have a huge unfair advantage, which is a free 1-hour call with our team to mentor and coach you to grow and develop your social channels so you can exploit image, video, audio, and written content in all directions.

The time is now

You are a creator and you know it in your gut. If you don’t see the value, I highly encourage you to take 1 hour of your time and let’s have a conversation. No string attached. Gary Vee says he wants to provide the most free value… I actually do. Let’s begin here.

Boost Your Interviewing Confidence

Stating that employers consider hiring people who display confidence during their interview is common knowledge. You might have the skills and knowledge, but if you are not self-motivated and confident, there’s a slight chance, the recruiter won’t buy that you possess the skillsets that you actually do. So how is confidence judged? How do we project it without communicating arrogance? On the other hand, being too conservative may project that you don’t really know what you’re talking about. Perhaps anxiety makes you behave like this…

What are the things you can do to control the anxiety and nerves, to show confidence for that once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity you have been waiting for, especially in the current era of virtual interviews? Let’s begin a journey to explore ourselves inside our deepest corners, learn about self-awareness a bit and the importance of being properly coached in these current times.

Accepting Anxiety

Before Your Interview

From a physiological point of view, anxiety is all about a person’s stimulation to the surroundings. You will react to your surroundings and situations, depending on your past experiences and mindset.

Excessive stimuli could cause increased levels of anxiety, especially when you’re anticipating a virtual interview that’s being conducted from the other side of the country, or in times, a foreign country, for that remote job opportunity you’ve been longing for. This is because you’re not there physically and you have no idea what’s it going to be like. You are just one click away from a starting video conference that begins in the next few minutes. Listen to the inner voice that says: “You will do just fine”. You should have prepared your favorite music to tone your anxiety down a little and excite you for this opportunity about to be conquered. Learn breathing exercises to slow down your pulse and control your adrenaline and thoughts. Repeat the following constantly aloud: “This opportunity is mine”. “I own this present moment”. “I am in control” Let the universe listen and life take you to your desired next chapter.

During the Interview

Anxiety is a natural response of our body when we feel stress and it can manifest itself in a number of ways. However, despite being a natural thing, it can sabotage your chances of acing that dream interview. You will find tons of jobs that will be the perfect match for you and your expertise but while trying to express your suitability and compatibility to that opening, you might miscommunicate yourself and lose a precious chance because of anxiety. Therefore, it’s extremely important for you to reign in your anxiety as much as you can, with deep breaths, by keeping your hands and feet warm and taking a few seconds to respond to every question. Sometimes a brief 3-second moment of silence before answering a question will give you time to organize your thoughts before speaking them out.


One of the most essential parts of being interviewed is knowing yourself on a deeper level and being able to express yourself in the most clear, unambiguous manner. This level of self-awareness allows you to clearly state whether you do or don’t thoroughly know an answer to a question about a preferred discipline, software, or specific skill. This is not a bad thing at all.

When you project emotional intelligence, you project self-esteem, and willingness to continue learning and growing without setting limits. Believe you are limitless. Otherwise, what is your purpose in life? It’s certainly NOT to stay where you are forever and die unhappy.

I am self-aware that I love my strong coffee in the morning- Bustelo to be specific. I use non-dairy creamer or almond milk. But right before I get my coffee going, I deploy gratitude all over the place. Being grateful for what you have and the fact that you’re alive is enough to get your engine running. I DO NOT hate Mondays as most people say they do. I seize opportunities I see and own my mistakes when I am not successful. Failure fuels me to try again, and again, until I have it figured out. If it’s not meant to be, I still win, because I gained knowledge in the process. That’s just a fraction of me, to give you context of how much optimism and gratitude I fuel on.

But it all starts inside. Nobody is responsible for your happiness, mindset, and perspective of life. To be honest, aside COVID and all, I’ve crushed the heck out of 2020. I continue to love this amazing life I chose, and I want to share this energy with you.

Reach Deep Within

It also important to be aware about the situation you’re currently in. Where are you standing this moment? Why are you there? What are the choices you’ve made to be where you are? Start deep, and then gain awareness on the exterior layers. It’s never easy to go in this deep. But it does get easier, and it feels rewarding to have closure with yourself, as you continue to move towards your outer layers. Then you realize they’re important, but not that much as whatever you were hiding underneath them.

Wait… Why is this even relevant to a job interview?

Well, you’re applying for a remote work job. Of course, you are and there are going to be thousands of competitive applicants because remote work opportunities are at high demand around the world. It won’t be easy to navigate through all that additional pressure by your own self. Therefore, it’s better to rely on a coaching professional to guide you through the muddy waters, especially in a turbulent time like this, where you really want to stand out and shine your light. If you’ve read this much, I know that you definitely know something resonates within you. It may be time to start this path, step by step.

Once you start preparing yourself for a recruitment interview, ensure that you cover all aspects of the job and most importantly reach deep within your natural self, and showcase who you are. That is your true brand, and you should display it on your social media accounts too.

Your Social Media Presence

Cover every avenue in social media, starting from Instagram and LinkedIn to TikTok. Yes, you heard that right. TikTok, the short form video mega-hit app that has taken the world by storm. There are hundreds and thousands of people applying for jobs, internships and interviews on TikTok as we speak. There are numerous companies which have hired people directly from the app using their video resumes, meaning that there’s another whole new area that you’ll need to cover pretty soon, as they plan to launch a new Video Resume program for professionals and freelancers to showcase their talent.

Don’t feel intimidated! We will help you get through every stage of the recruitment process with our programs and enable you to be more confident in a virtual world.

Talent recruiting continues to evolve, and many employers are exploiting innovation.

When will you embrace your share of transformation? Book your FREE first consultation Today!

Focus on Attention

Are you an owner of an existing business or started building a new brand? No matter which category you fall into, you will inevitably need a customer base. But you already know that, don’t you? The real challenge is finding ways to draw their attention and this is what you should focus on for a good 90 days. This is why we develop content to harness attention for your business and convert that into a tangible revenue stream.

Competition for Attention

There are more than 3 billion people out there using social media across the globe from the classic web spaces like Facebook and Instagram to fresh platforms like TikTok. Have you ever asked yourself what are businesses are doing?

The answer is simple: they’re looking for attention! Yes, just like an ordinary TikTok user these days posting interesting short videos and click-baits to get likes from their followers. In the same way, businesses these days have to strive for getting their share of attention on social media platforms and compete with other companies. So why should you miss out on an opportunity to interact with billions of social media users personally?

Take a look at Chipotle, the famous Mexican restaurant chain with 1.5 million followers on TikTok. A single #boorito campaign earned them more than 4 billion views! Imagine the attention generated by your brand from 4 billion views of young people from all over the globe, watching the content you create and influence!

Reverse Engineering Attention

You must be thinking, Chipotle is already an established brand, it’s easier for them to grab the social media attention and it can’t be the same for new businesses. Well, you’re completely right. That’s exactly what we’re here to help you with! Let’s face it, if you’re willing to market your business, you’ll have to be very practical.

Consider TikTok, a platform with millions of active users, mostly catering to the younger demographic between 14 years of age to 25. You’ll have to find ways that can influence attention span of these young fellows with catchy 30-second videos and leverage that into your company’s growth. But how can you do that?

Every social media platform requires a different approach: Elon Musk uses Twitter-humor and memes, models like Kylie Jenner use Instagram’s lavish picture-friendly environment. TikTok is fairly new and simple: There are millions of people out there dying to make new content, all you have to do is give them an idea, a push, in other words, a challenge, as they call it on the Tok!

Imagine if you’re a company that sells organic vitamins and wants to market the product on TikTok. Your marketing move could be to use a short video with parents of a 1-year old baby who consume your vitamin pill and become super parents, multi-tasking, taking care of the baby, doing chores and going to work at the same time. Give this challenge a catchy name, a popular background music, a twist of humor and there you have it: a self-sustaining marketing campaign! Even if only a few parents recreate the challenge, the exposure to their thousands of followers will be a great start.

This landscape won’t be stopped, because everyone is the star communicator of their passion. It just depends on how much work you put into the effort. Where will you promote your brand and business next?

How to be (Virtual) Interview-Ready

COVID has had a greater impact on certain market segments than others. It has implied a momentary shift toward a home-based workstation or remote work, away from the office desk for many employed, skilled professionals. Thousands of others have experienced disturbingly abrupt and unexpected unemployment. So many of them would not have an employment to come back to once the pandemic comes to an end.

What’s happening in the job market currently?

What this implies is that we could be currently in an employment bubble right now, which may explode when the real economic factors go back to normal. Predictions by the International Monetary Fund suggest that we might reach one of the most terrible global recessions since the 30s, with a recession equivalent to the Great Depression.

How to get hired in a post-COVID world?

Anticipate how your industrial sector’s business model is inclined to vary in the coming year or so. Which skills, knowledge and abilities will become the most attractive and in demand during this transition period, and what you can do to adapt?

In order to help you with this, here are 6 simple strategies for remaining involved, reducing anxiety, and preparing to take the necessary action in post-pandemic job searching.

Consider temporary prospects. Seasonal opportunities in fields such as logistics and agriculture will arise as a result of limitations on travel across local and international borders. You will have to accept that in the near future, there will be an employer’s market. Even so, many seasonal opportunities might be created at a local scale. Therefore, it’s important that you accept this temporary work and seize such opportunities to learn a new set of skills.

Improve your digital capabilities. The pandemic has accelerated the transition to software-based, remote service delivery. To maintain pace, you must improve your digital literacy skills and master the most popular platforms for the tech-solutions.

Maintain close contact with your industry networks. Inform them about your circumstances. You shouldn’t feel pity in informing them how you were affected by the lockdowns and that you are looking for work. This is why communication is so essential. It is critical to stay up to date within your niche, establish and maintain relationships with individuals and businesses.

Prepare for online virtual interviewing. In this condition, you should prepare to conduct not just the job searching but also your interviews online. Identify the most appropriate camera view and lighting for Skype or Zoom sessions. Consider practicing and chatting with friends so that you can identify and resolve any issues with connection or audio. This will help you organize and prepare a good impression from a distance.

Participate in community events. Numerous businesses are postponing their regular centralized employment policies in time to enable nearby workplaces and supervisors to employ people straightforwardly. So, being present and ready makes it much easier for time-pressed HR managers to make an informed decision quickly.

Leveraging Social Media

Social media stopped being an entertainment channel years ago. Over the last few years, many platforms have transformed into one of the most powerful mediums of communication for over 3 billion users as of now. Never before has it been so important to take your business or personal brand online and establish a presence in this digital landscape.

Drawing Attention

What good are your remarkable products or services if you’re not showing them to a market of over 3 billion people? Do these millions of social media users even know you exist? And don’t misinterpret my words. You are NOT going to reach all 3 billion users after your first, second, or 100th post. But, with a well though content strategy and proper coaching, you brand will get start getting notice.

Your presence on a social media platform acts as a digital front door to your business. Let’s put it in very basic terms; It’s just like recruiting a professional salesperson working for you 24/7 promoting your brand in a place with millions of actively engaged users. Websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and now TikTok are extremely powerful drivers of business growth and lead generation. If you want to make money while you sleep, you have to create brand awareness while you sleep first.

What steps should you take?

It’s alright to feel a little confused or overwhelmed about how to start a digital marketing plan to grow your presence. Amaro Solutions helps you leverage the power of social media for creating excellent, engaging content, do social recruiting, and generate brand awareness. Our solutions do not only depend on highlighting the quality of your services or products but a large chunk of our efforts go into creating an amicable brand image for you on social media sites. You need to understand that social media marketing is a lot different from other traditional marketing. You need to embrace the art of story-telling to provide value to your audience.

You can probably “boost” a few posts and specials, and that may be well and get some attention, but with a little support from our experienced team you can increase engagement, creating traction on your communication strategy, or turn your social media channels into highly active sales funnels. We will ensure that the content we create together resonates with your audience, no matter if you’re a local mom and pop shop, eCommerce site, or a personal brand.

At Amaro Solutions, we honor your local business and start-up, building your brand equity, raising awareness on social media, creating engaging content, and empowering communities around the brand. If you’re ready to jump off the sidelines and move your business’ marketing to the present, let’s connect. We will always be here to support you.