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Small Business Marketing

We solely believe that small businesses should take pride and appreciate who they are and what they stand for. “Small, local businesses are the very heartbeat of communities”.

I attributes this warm thought to my latin roots working as a teenager in small corporation in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, where community attention was truly an asset. Relationships with clients were not just transactional, but ‘human’ as teams were trained to truly care for each client and team building was not mechanical, but transpersonal. Work was more of an experience than just ‘a job’. And leadership was more than just leadership. To this date, the president is still my life mentor, and I love her as a mother.

This is why Amaro Solutions encourages small business owners to invest time and effort in content creation with the purpose of humanize their brands and inspiring followers by telling their story.

You can have a thoughtful and intentional plan, where your brand communicates to its community and audience in a clear and effective way. Any marketer will tell you this is essentially great. But storytelling on a daily or even weekly basis makes your brand human. It can showcase your team as uplifting, optimistic, professional, educated, but be careful you do not send the wrong message to followers. This can lead to consideration decrease and not quite the reputation your are seeking to have. Keep in mind that The brand comes before the buy.

This is why we coach businesses seeking effective marketing strategies and solutions. It render better results.

What type of businesses does Amaro Solutions support?

Every business owner dreams about having a recognized brand at some point and eventually scaling their business. Our typical client actually starts with a small group of social followers, typically friends and family, and barely any content on social media and barely have a landing page.

Small local businesses usually dwell on all these great and effective channels, but don’t know which one to leverage first. That’s because there might not be clarity on your brand’s voice. This is an indicator your business needs support to amplify that voice.

Since I am now a Bristol resident, every other Wednesday evening we host a free virtual meetup called “Bristol Digital Boost”, meant for small business owners. But everyone is welcomed from all over the country and Latin America. The intention is to provide some essential value in a 1-hour conversation or perhaps a Q&A session where we can answer at least a few questions.

What commonalities do we typically find with our clients?

This navigation process always ends up in one of the following:

  • Repetitively choosing the wrong channels or simply not knowing where their audience is
  • Wasting time listening to many ‘gurus’ that are emotionally attached to only a specific model (perhaps not the right one for that specific business)
  • Waiting on the right time, to post the right content, on the right channel
  • Some don’t have a presence because aside lacking content, there is no landing page or website to support their brand’s presence

But none of the mentioned above actually represent the apocalypse of your business. It’s just a learning and adaptation process.

One thing we always share is our passion for reverse-engineering human behavior, then diving into your target audience and navigating your market. This mostly brightens the path for business owners to comprehend that mobile devices have become the new “mainstream”. It’s just a fact. 

Society lives in their smartphones and rely on it, even to go to the restroom. Your brand might have better conversion with email, or it might be more visual and can gain traction on Instagram. Perhaps there’s also a channel you have not experimented where your brand could also have high organic reach. Not knowing is the most common situation.

Is mobile really the new “mainstream”?

It has been for a while. This is because many content creators or “influencers” have leveraged the advantage of heavy internet usage and the impact of social platforms accessible to everyone, everywhere, everyday. 

This message is a wake up call for every business. This digital era means no more paying for prime time TV commercials or expensive radio ads like the old days of advertising.

And let’s add to that, no more procrastinating on deciding where you should focus your marketing. Data provides the knowledge whether your key audience is an active podcast lister, a LinkedIn or TikTok user, or in that age group that still reads traditional mail when they get something appealing or inviting. 

No matter if you are a B2C or B2B business, you will always provide value to humans. Make sure your brand is effectively communicating as humanly as possible on the right channels and you will build enough equity on your brand that will result in solid engagement with your audience.

And always remember these words: “The brand comes before the buy”.

Julio Amaro, Founder | Let’s Connect! Find me on LinkedIn or just book a call in my calendar

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