Understand the Present

We often get used to the way the world “was”, instead of what life is right now and what is actually working for other businesses.

I hear way too often that social media content doesn’t make the phone ring, Facebook doesn’t generate leads, that leads con’t convert, TikTok is not for business, traditional advertising on the radio, some Google ads and good old SEO on your website, with proper back-linking is the proper way to grow your business online.

For some people, the narrative is that they won’t waste time or energy creating any content, let alone spend a dime on social media ads. This sounds to me just like that that noise back in 2011 when nobody wanted to be on Facebook because it was meant for college kids. Today, everyone and their grandmother (including mine) is on Facebook.

So, it’s not a matter of who is on social platforms now. It’s a matter of who gets there and steals attention first. Along with that, we cannot allow ourselves to feel comfortable with this type of tunnel vision.

Why Social if I don’t want to be a huge company?

Being on social is not a catalyst to be a national or global company, although your brand has more probability of gaining awareness all over the globe. Social media, aside being a very tactical and psychological, it is also a community-based platform where you can actively listen to others seeking value you can provide but haven’t decided to do so yet.

You can be a plumber who could provide tons of value to consumers like single working mothers that may have a million questions when they hear something off as they flush their toilet. Your content could be the answer to a simple solution where it’s not even worth having a plumber come out to check.

Now, this is the part where everyone that ends up ranking below their competitor tells me they won’t give away their treasured secrets, to end up without a job and that is NOT what I’m saying. Although, if your direct competitor is on social, they will be more likely to steal your customers’ attention anyway.

A baker will not lose business by providing value to other bakers, or by making a video targeted towards nannies on how to best make homemade cupcakes. It’s not like you will give all your secrets. That’s not what ‘value’ stands for. It’s documenting your journey, your process, your passion. When you genuinely provide value at scale, trust that you are creating traction in your community, hence many of your existing and new followers, and perhaps even some of your leads will be likely to convert and try a dozen of your cupcakes to see for themselves “why” they are so special and have everyone following you on Insta. Yes! Your content can do that or let me rephrase that; YOU are capable of achieving this.

Your content can make the difference, while gaining consumers’ trust. Therefore, you could engage followers enough to have them contact you when there is a major issue that needs to be addressed, assessed, or catered by you.

Start outgrowing your box

In these times where the internet is already evolved so many times, each time amplifying its power and capabilities of omnipresence for brands, you should be taking advantage of so many people that only stare at their phone and scroll.

These platforms have the same effect a slot machine has at a casino and the addicted gamblers are your community. Give them content! Provide fun, cultural, informative, engaging, educative content each day, giving them that valuable push to just follow your brand.

Be first, not last

It drives me amazingly insane to hear both extremes. I have had clients that tell me, and I quote; “I want to start posting content and videos on Instagram and TikTok, because my competition is there. I want to be first, not last”. I’ve heard these words and not only from eCommerce sites. HVAC companies have asked my team how to start because they have no idea on what content to post. They just know they have to start.

Start now and stop waiting to see if your competition is successful or not on social. You have a huge unfair advantage, which is a free 1-hour call with our team to mentor and coach you to grow and develop your social channels so you can exploit image, video, audio, and written content in all directions.

The time is now

You are a creator and you know it in your gut. If you don’t see the value, I highly encourage you to take 1 hour of your time and let’s have a conversation. No string attached. Gary Vee says he wants to provide the most free value… I actually do. Let’s begin here.

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