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Stating that employers consider hiring people who display confidence during their interview is common knowledge. You might have the skills and knowledge, but if you are not self-motivated and confident, there’s a slight chance, the recruiter won’t buy that you possess the skillsets that you actually do. So how is confidence judged? How do we project it without communicating arrogance? On the other hand, being too conservative may project that you don’t really know what you’re talking about. Perhaps anxiety makes you behave like this…

What are the things you can do to control the anxiety and nerves, to show confidence for that once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity you have been waiting for, especially in the current era of virtual interviews? Let’s begin a journey to explore ourselves inside our deepest corners, learn about self-awareness a bit and the importance of being properly coached in these current times.

Accepting Anxiety

Before Your Interview

From a physiological point of view, anxiety is all about a person’s stimulation to the surroundings. You will react to your surroundings and situations, depending on your past experiences and mindset.

Excessive stimuli could cause increased levels of anxiety, especially when you’re anticipating a virtual interview that’s being conducted from the other side of the country, or in times, a foreign country, for that remote job opportunity you’ve been longing for. This is because you’re not there physically and you have no idea what’s it going to be like. You are just one click away from a starting video conference that begins in the next few minutes. Listen to the inner voice that says: “You will do just fine”. You should have prepared your favorite music to tone your anxiety down a little and excite you for this opportunity about to be conquered. Learn breathing exercises to slow down your pulse and control your adrenaline and thoughts. Repeat the following constantly aloud: “This opportunity is mine”. “I own this present moment”. “I am in control” Let the universe listen and life take you to your desired next chapter.

During the Interview

Anxiety is a natural response of our body when we feel stress and it can manifest itself in a number of ways. However, despite being a natural thing, it can sabotage your chances of acing that dream interview. You will find tons of jobs that will be the perfect match for you and your expertise but while trying to express your suitability and compatibility to that opening, you might miscommunicate yourself and lose a precious chance because of anxiety. Therefore, it’s extremely important for you to reign in your anxiety as much as you can, with deep breaths, by keeping your hands and feet warm and taking a few seconds to respond to every question. Sometimes a brief 3-second moment of silence before answering a question will give you time to organize your thoughts before speaking them out.


One of the most essential parts of being interviewed is knowing yourself on a deeper level and being able to express yourself in the most clear, unambiguous manner. This level of self-awareness allows you to clearly state whether you do or don’t thoroughly know an answer to a question about a preferred discipline, software, or specific skill. This is not a bad thing at all.

When you project emotional intelligence, you project self-esteem, and willingness to continue learning and growing without setting limits. Believe you are limitless. Otherwise, what is your purpose in life? It’s certainly NOT to stay where you are forever and die unhappy.

I am self-aware that I love my strong coffee in the morning- Bustelo to be specific. I use non-dairy creamer or almond milk. But right before I get my coffee going, I deploy gratitude all over the place. Being grateful for what you have and the fact that you’re alive is enough to get your engine running. I DO NOT hate Mondays as most people say they do. I seize opportunities I see and own my mistakes when I am not successful. Failure fuels me to try again, and again, until I have it figured out. If it’s not meant to be, I still win, because I gained knowledge in the process. That’s just a fraction of me, to give you context of how much optimism and gratitude I fuel on.

But it all starts inside. Nobody is responsible for your happiness, mindset, and perspective of life. To be honest, aside COVID and all, I’ve crushed the heck out of 2020. I continue to love this amazing life I chose, and I want to share this energy with you.

Reach Deep Within

It also important to be aware about the situation you’re currently in. Where are you standing this moment? Why are you there? What are the choices you’ve made to be where you are? Start deep, and then gain awareness on the exterior layers. It’s never easy to go in this deep. But it does get easier, and it feels rewarding to have closure with yourself, as you continue to move towards your outer layers. Then you realize they’re important, but not that much as whatever you were hiding underneath them.

Wait… Why is this even relevant to a job interview?

Well, you’re applying for a remote work job. Of course, you are and there are going to be thousands of competitive applicants because remote work opportunities are at high demand around the world. It won’t be easy to navigate through all that additional pressure by your own self. Therefore, it’s better to rely on a coaching professional to guide you through the muddy waters, especially in a turbulent time like this, where you really want to stand out and shine your light. If you’ve read this much, I know that you definitely know something resonates within you. It may be time to start this path, step by step.

Once you start preparing yourself for a recruitment interview, ensure that you cover all aspects of the job and most importantly reach deep within your natural self, and showcase who you are. That is your true brand, and you should display it on your social media accounts too.

Your Social Media Presence

Cover every avenue in social media, starting from Instagram and LinkedIn to TikTok. Yes, you heard that right. TikTok, the short form video mega-hit app that has taken the world by storm. There are hundreds and thousands of people applying for jobs, internships and interviews on TikTok as we speak. There are numerous companies which have hired people directly from the app using their video resumes, meaning that there’s another whole new area that you’ll need to cover pretty soon, as they plan to launch a new Video Resume program for professionals and freelancers to showcase their talent.

Don’t feel intimidated! We will help you get through every stage of the recruitment process with our programs and enable you to be more confident in a virtual world.

Talent recruiting continues to evolve, and many employers are exploiting innovation.

When will you embrace your share of transformation? Book your FREE first consultation Today!

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