How to be (Virtual) Interview-Ready

COVID has had a greater impact on certain market segments than others. It has implied a momentary shift toward a home-based workstation or remote work, away from the office desk for many employed, skilled professionals. Thousands of others have experienced disturbingly abrupt and unexpected unemployment. So many of them would not have an employment to come back to once the pandemic comes to an end.

What’s happening in the job market currently?

What this implies is that we could be currently in an employment bubble right now, which may explode when the real economic factors go back to normal. Predictions by the International Monetary Fund suggest that we might reach one of the most terrible global recessions since the 30s, with a recession equivalent to the Great Depression.

How to get hired in a post-COVID world?

Anticipate how your industrial sector’s business model is inclined to vary in the coming year or so. Which skills, knowledge and abilities will become the most attractive and in demand during this transition period, and what you can do to adapt?

In order to help you with this, here are 6 simple strategies for remaining involved, reducing anxiety, and preparing to take the necessary action in post-pandemic job searching.

Consider temporary prospects. Seasonal opportunities in fields such as logistics and agriculture will arise as a result of limitations on travel across local and international borders. You will have to accept that in the near future, there will be an employer’s market. Even so, many seasonal opportunities might be created at a local scale. Therefore, it’s important that you accept this temporary work and seize such opportunities to learn a new set of skills.

Improve your digital capabilities. The pandemic has accelerated the transition to software-based, remote service delivery. To maintain pace, you must improve your digital literacy skills and master the most popular platforms for the tech-solutions.

Maintain close contact with your industry networks. Inform them about your circumstances. You shouldn’t feel pity in informing them how you were affected by the lockdowns and that you are looking for work. This is why communication is so essential. It is critical to stay up to date within your niche, establish and maintain relationships with individuals and businesses.

Prepare for online virtual interviewing. In this condition, you should prepare to conduct not just the job searching but also your interviews online. Identify the most appropriate camera view and lighting for Skype or Zoom sessions. Consider practicing and chatting with friends so that you can identify and resolve any issues with connection or audio. This will help you organize and prepare a good impression from a distance.

Participate in community events. Numerous businesses are postponing their regular centralized employment policies in time to enable nearby workplaces and supervisors to employ people straightforwardly. So, being present and ready makes it much easier for time-pressed HR managers to make an informed decision quickly.

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